Lenses of the Mystic Scholar

Magical lenses that allow for the reading of scrolls and magic text


These fine lenses are typically created with the utmost care and craftsmanship. Typically of elven make, they are usually made from the finest elven wood, inlaid with silver filigree in the pattern of the mystic phrase needed to cast “Read Magic”. The glass lenses are made meticolously by glass blowers from dust that has been created or affected by magic, and angled at a special concave angle that is said to focus on magical energies.

These lenses allow for an at will use of “Read Magic”. They only work after being worn for the majority of 24 hours, allowing for sleep, or other activities for which lenses would be a hindrance.

The drawback to these lenses is that their magic is fragile. Any resentment of magic, expressed strongly enough, can shatter the enchantment behind them, rendering them a useless, if pretty set of spectacles.


This particular pair were created for Lor’Athorn, on order from his father, Caladlon. Meant as a birthday gift, they are also an encouragement for Lor’Athorn to continue his magical studies, so that he may continue gaining knowledge and wisdom, so that he may further aid others.

Lenses of the Mystic Scholar

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