Leafshade Soles

Swift Forest Travel


These boots have three magical effects in place at all times: the first is a trackless step ability, identical in all respects to the druid ability of the same name. The second effect is a 10 feet enhancement bonus to speed, and the third and final bonus is +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks.

The boots have two spell-like abilities that can each be activated once per day. The first ability allows the Leafshade Runner to share all of the item’s enhancements noted above with each of the members of his squad (up to twelve others). The second ability is shadow walk, as if cast by a 12th level wizard.


These boots are made of blackened leather with mithril inlay across the soles that erase all traces of the wearer’s passage. Once a pair is made it is given to the owner in an elaborate ceremony, with each piece of the scouts’ armor being awarded at differing stages of advancement and the oath of service being repeated at each time. This is the first piece awarded to newly appointed Leafshade Runners who have proved their worth in the service of Kyonin.

Leafshade Soles

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