Landshark's Shell

Breastplate Armor, Made Bulette Tough


This +1 breastplate is made from thick bulette hide, giving it the delving armor quality. This particular suit, crafted especially for the druid Amaras Edasseril, also has the beastskin special ability.

Delving: Wearing armor with this quality grants you a burrow speed of 10 feet. This speed allows you to tunnel through any type of soil, including rocky soil, but not actual stone. This quality does not give you the ability to breathe underground, so you must hold your breath or use other magic that provides air. You gain a +4 bonus on all saving throws against landslides, avalanches, tunnel collapses, and similar effects.

Beastskin: Whenever you use the wild shape class feature while wearing a suit of armor with the beastskin property, you can expend an additional daily use of your wild shape ability to cause the armor to be transformed with you. When used in this manner, the beastskin armor becomes a suit of armor fitted for your new form rather than simply merging with your body. The armor continues to grant its armor bonus, applying the appropriate armor check penalty, slowing your movement rate, and otherwise functioning as a suit of armor fitted to your new form.

Stats: +7 armor bonus (including enhancement), +3 maximum Dexterity bonus, -3 armor check penalty (including adjustment for masterwork), 25% arcane spell failure chance, 20 foot speed, 30 lbs.


Landshark's Shell

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