Kyonin Shield

A Shield of Blazing Light


This +1 heavy darkwood shield (+0 armor check penalty, 15% arcane spell failure chance) has a large pure crystal melded into the front, part of the symbol of the nation of Kyonin. Those who cast a light spell on the shield find that the crystal allows them to control the intensity and direction of the light in a fashion similar to a hooded lantern. The duration of any light spell cast on the shield is doubled. When making a shield bash attack, the wielder may choose to end the duration of the light spell to cast flare on his target as part of the attack (DC 10 + wielder’s Con bonus).


This shield once bore the heraldic crest of Faunra’s noble family, but it was recently re-worked to bear the symbol of the nation of Kyonin instead.

Kyonin Shield

Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing