Kimeltaar, the Demonsbane Shield

Cleric's Shield


This +2 heavy steel shield has a mysterious symbol engraved on the front in gold and brass. It appears to depict either a lion, a dragon, or a phoenix, depending on who carries the shield. If an evil outsider or a being possessed by an evil outsider touches the shield, they are wracked with intense pain and are unable to take any action except to drop the shield.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Int: 12
Wis: 18
Cha: 16
Ego: 24
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, telepathy
Senses: Blindsense 60 ft.
Special abilities:
At will: light, endure elements
3/day: divine power, dismissal, holy smite, magic circle against evil, protection from energy
1/month: true resurrection (only granted if weilder died battling evil outsiders or thier minions)
+10 ranks in Knowledge: The Planes
+10 ranks in Knowledge: Religion


The cleric Imdastri was one of the legendary Knights of Cydonia. Many tales are told of her exploits with the Knights, but the most common portray her as a tireless enemy of demons, devils, and all evil outsiders. Imdastri’s rage against demonkind was legendary, and drove her to perform awesome deeds beyond the ability of most mortal clerics. It is often disputed what church she was a cleric of, most recent tales have her as a cleric of Aroden, Saerenrae, or even Iomedae, although the stories of the Knights preceed Iomedae’s ascension.

Kimeltaar is an intelligent item that carries on the legacy of Imdastri and the Knights of Cydonia. It compels it’s weilder to destroy or banish any evil outsider they encounter, and gives them the protection they need to survive the fight.

If the weilder swears an oath to the shield to carry on the legacy of the Knights of Cydonia, the shield grants the power to destroy evil outsiders. Any weapon weilded by shield’s bearer is considered an evil outsider bane weapon, and any critical threats rolled against evil outsiders are automatically confirmed, in addition to any other properties the weapon has. Once per day, the weilder can smite an evil outsider, adding thier Charisma bonus (if any) to thier attack rolls and adds thier character level to all damage rolls made against the target. If the weilder breaks thier oath, the shield vanishes from thier possession, and will never be found by them again. All protections granted by the shield immediately vanish, and if the character has ever been raised from the dead by the shield, they immediately collapse into a pile of dust and bones, and thier soul is lost for eternity.

Kimeltaar, the Demonsbane Shield

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