Journal of the Starcaller

An Apprentice Drow's Spellbook


Journal of the Starcaller (Level 9 Diviner)

Value 2,320 gp
5th — contact other plane, major creation, telepathic bond
4th — detect scrying, locate creature, mass celestial fortune1, remove curse, scrying
3rd — arcane sight, clairaudience/clairvoyance, malediction, secret page, tongues, unravel destiny2, unravel hope2
2nd — celestial fortune1, detect thoughts, flaming sphere, locate object, resist energy, see invisibility, summon monster II
1st — cause fear, comprehend languages, detect secret door, detect undead, disguise self, identify, protection from good, protection from law, true strike
Preparation Ritual – Paranoia’s Blessing
You preempt any attempt at betrayal by seeing the lies behind the speech of others. Once per day, you may use the spellbook’s boon to immediately know whether or not the last statement you heard was true (or more specifically, whether the speaker believed it to be true).

1 Celestial fortune and mass celestial fortune are identical to the spells heroic fortune and mass heroic fortune (from Advanced Player’s Guide), with the following changes: 1) the spell is divination, rather than evocation 2) the spell must be cast the evening prior to use; during the next day, the spell slot used remains empty and is not recovered by resting until after the spell’s duration ends 3) the spell’s duration is 24 hours or until used.

2 Unravel destiny is similar to the spell of the same name except that instead of causing the target a penalty for each hero point it posesses, the spell reverses the effect of any luck bonuses or penalties the target may be currently experiencing (so a +2 luck bonus to attack suddenly becomes a -2 penalty, a -1 penalty on skill checks becomes a +1 bonus, etc). Unravel Hope does the same thing except with morale bonuses or penalties.


Journal of the Starcaller

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