Journal of Guldartak


A small book bound in black leather, written exclusively in draconic. Approximately 100 pages in length with a number of pages having been torn out or burned toward the end of the book.


Another of the books in Elensar’s collection is that of a Journal of One Guldartak. At first it seems like any other journal, although it is strange that the author would have chosen Draconic to pen her thoughts in. It mentions places that have been traveled to and dangers that had been overcome, some with a great deal of pride, but as one reads the entries it becomes clear that the time frame that is covered is not one of a normal mortal race. Toward the end of the journal it becomes apparent what race the author was due to the increased use of the word “lair” and “horde” as a number of adventuring bands have attempted to steal the wealth that she has accumulated over the centuries. The final entry of the journal states that Guldartak is going to put an end to the continued invasion of her home, no specifics are given, yet since we possess her journal she must have failed at some point to end the attacks.

Journal of Guldartak

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