Journal of Farrin Syreal

The Tale of a Pious Wanderer


When the Elves returned to the forests of Kynonin, it was Farrin Syreal who saw The Grim White Stag on the hill that the Temple of Erastil would be built. On that day Farrin devoted himself to Erastil and began preaching his name. In his journal Farrin not only penned the teachings of Earstil, but also the journeys he undertook after his divine encounter. Though Farrin’s journal indicates that he mostly stayed in Fireani Forest, some of the places he speaks of have never been discovered. Notations that speak of an ancient Oak with a golden bark and a stream that whispers with the voices of those that have died in the woods are just a few examples of the mysteries that lay within the journal. Farrin also speaks of several more encounters with the Grim White Stag as well as some of Erastil’s other heralds. Caladlon Edasseril found this text in the halls of the ancient library during his most recent travel’s and gifted it to his daughter Mirrianna on her birthday.


Journal of Farrin Syreal

Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing