Insight of the Ranger General

Mantle of Honor Granted to Kyonin's General


This band of black hide is crafted from the scales of a vicious black dragon that was slain before the exodus that preceded the Starfall. Attached to this headband are seven ioun stones that are still functional and one unique stone that has not been seen before or since. This ancient relic is given only to the Ranger General of the elfish armies and is intended to be used only in the defense of the realm. Such an artifact rivals the Living Crown that is possessed by Telandia Edasseril.

This headband is treated as a Headband of Mental Superiority +6. The skills granted by the headband are Knowledge (Warfare), Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (Tactics), and unlike a normal Headband of Mental Superiority these ranks do stack with the current ranks an individual possesses. The seven Ioun stones are Clear, Dusty Rose, Dark Blue, Iridescent, Pale Green, Orange, and a Black ioun stone. The Black ioun stone functions as a lavender and green stone but after 25 spell levels it ceases to function; when exposed to the rays of the dawning sun it shines with intense brightness for a few seconds and then becomes black again, ready to absorb another 25 spell levels.


Insight of the Ranger General

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