Gun "The Blunder Shot"


This item does not appear to be a weapon at all. It’s most prominent feature is a long widening metal tube which resembles a trumpet. It is connected to a piece of dense carved stone. The weapon is heavy and somewhat unwieldy. The weapon fires many small but damaging pellets in one shot which can be devastating at short range, however the weapon becomes much less effective at further ranges. It is also notorious for misfires and for occasionally exploding in the wielder’s hands.

The Blunder Shot
Exotic Ranged Weapon

3D6 Damage (First Range Increment: 20’)
1D12 Damage (Second Range Increment: 40’)
1D10 Damage (Third Range Increment: 80’)
X5 Critical
Misfires on a result of 2-9 on the die
Catastrophic Failure on a result of natural 1: Weapon explodes destroying the weapon and dealing 3D6 damage to the weilder, no saving throw.


Navarre Edasseril created this weapon. Navarre does not want common people to believe that the gun is a reliable or effective weapon. This is a prototype model being considered for distribution to strike fear into those who would try to mass-produce and field the gun in an army. It is not available for sale.

Gun "The Blunder Shot"

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