Gun "Navarre's Rifle"


This firearm resembles those mass-produces by the dwarves except that the barrel is much thinner and it has a strange looking lever near the back of the gun. When seen in action, it’s superiority becomes very clear.

Name: "Navarre’s Rifle” Cost: 7,750 GP Damage: 1D10
Critical: X3 Range 100’ Misfire: 1
Capacity: 1 Weight: 6 lbs

Navarre’s “Rifle” differs from the standard Rifle found in Ultimate Combat in a higher price to account for the materials used to create it (a blend of Mythril and Dwarven Steel) which lowers the weight by half. It also sacrifices a X4 critical for an increased range.


After examining the ancient Firearm found in the hold of the sunken pirate ship, and after witnessing the elven ghosts shooting firearms that looked far more advanced than the one he created, he was inspired to make improvements to his design. The first thing he noticed was how thin the barrel of the weapons were; he could make a barrel that thin, but he knew he would not be able to use a “standard” round. The new bullet would need to be less of a ball and more of an ovoid shape. Upon further inspection of the ancient firearm, he found traces of raised grooves inside the barrel of the weapon clearly meant to carry a bullet out of the gun. This was another problem with the old design, because one could no longer ram a bullet and powder down the barrel without damaging these precision grooves. This called for another change in the bullet design; the bullet would need to be loaded from the back of the barrel. After months of experimenting and failed designs, Navarre and his brother Lor’Athorn, created a bullet that had a very small container attached to the back of it; and this container housed the necessary powder for firing. The old gun would fire by slamming a piece of flint into the powder causing a spark that would explode the powder and fire the bullet out of the barrel; this new shot works in a similar fashion, now pulling the trigger of the weapon releases pressure on a tiny spring which shoots a pointed pin forward; the point of this pin hits the back of the cartridge where the powder is housed with enough force to ignite the powder inside and fire the bullet down the barrel, leaving the spent cartridge inside the “breach”. There is a lever near the back of the new weapon that, when closed, keeps the bullet and cartridge locked into a firing position; once fired, one uses the lever to open the breach, doing so causes a small metal prong to push on the spent cartridge, ejecting it automatically and making way for the operator to load another round much more quickly. This improved “Longarm” is superior to its predecessor in every way: The grooves make the bullet fly much farther, and thus, with more power than before; the grooves also make the bullet fly more accurately to their target; the breach loading method makes reloading very easy and fast; with the new bullets there is no need to carry large quantities of highly flammable black powder, though the cartridges still house the powder, they are much less susceptible to open flame and even when exposed they take extreme heat to explode. This new gun is a devastating weapon that is not terribly expensive to create and will, if the technology gets out, change the face of warfare … I call it, the Rifle.

Gun "Navarre's Rifle"

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