Grasp of the Black Watch

Striking Back at Treerazer's Minons


Members of the Leafshade Runners that distinguish themselves in the conflict with the demons from Tanglebriar are awarded these rare items. They are simple black gloves, made from extremely soft leather, with mithril tracery on the back that wraps around the wrist and extends into the fingers. Only 10 pairs of gloves have been created since the elves have returned from Sovyrain.

These gloves provide the wielder with a few beneficial effects that are directed toward the elimination of the demons that infest the Tanglebriar. First, any weapon that is wielded while wearing the gloves is treated as both cold iron and silver for the purposes of overcoming DR. Secondly, once per day the gloves have the ability to banish demons and devils after scoring a critical hit with a melee weapon (similar to the disruption special ability, but with Will save DC equal to the amount of damage caused by the critical hit). Lastly, any attack that would slay the wearer of the gloves instead triggers a heal spell that cures 90 point of damage. This effect is only triggered if the damage does not destroy the body of the wielder in the attack, such as with disintegration, and is only usable once per month.


Grasp of the Black Watch

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