Grappling Joints

Useful Subdual Tools


Craft Wood: DC 25
Craft Armor: DC 30
Cost: 40 gold for wooden joints. 50 for metalic ones.

These bulky joints look like parts from an incomplete suit of armor, and fit over a person’s elbow and knee joints. When properly fitted and in place, the wearer may lock them into place, providing a bonus to defend agaisnt grapples.

Grappling Joints may only be worn by someone who is properly fitted. Anyone else wearing them gains no benefit, and all associated penalties. When worn by the proper person, Grappling Joints grant a +2 bonus to CMD against any grapple maneuver. The joints incur a -1 armor check penalty, however, on top of any other penalty from armor worn.

These joints may be integrated into heavy armor at a cost of 150 gold for the metallic versions. The joints are not otherwise usable by anyone wearing heavy armor. Wooden Armor joints can be modified by enchantment to change shape along with the wearer, maintaining the bonus throughout any other shape they may take.

A magical version of these armor pieces, called shifting joints, are adapted to transform along with their wearer, enabling them to be used even when their wearer is under the effect of shapechange or wild shape.

Shifting Joints
Aura: Moderate Transmutation; CL: 5th
Slot: – ; Price: 1000 gp; Weight: 5 lbs
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Beast Shape I. Cost: 500 gp


Grappling Joints

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