Goldenleaf Fans


Magic Item
Aura: Moderate Illusion; Cl 8th
Slot: None Price: 4,000 gp
Weight: 0.5 lbs

This fan is made from golden leaves, and is ornately arranged, as if to appear as a large leaf made from many smaller ones. The Goldenleaf fans may be made from normal gold, enchanted to look like natural leaves, or actual golden leaves. The latter is of course much less common.

This fan, when held, grants the user with a +3 nature bonus to Charisma based rolls, including skills based on Charisma. For charisma based spellcasters, it may also increase the DC of their spell saving throws by 1, though they must have a hand free while casting.

The charisma bonus becomes a penalty when dealing with those who do not appreciate opulence or fineries, such as dwarves or the impoverished. The decision on who ultimately falls into this category is entirely up to the Gamemaster.

Craft Wondrous Items, Eagle’s Splendor; Cost: 2,000 gp


Goldenleaf Fans

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