Freezing Fire

First it Freezes, Then it Burns


This thick alchemical goo is kept sealed inside of specially treated clay orbs. When thrown, the orbs shatter and cover their target with the goo, which instantly begins to adhere and turn solid, drawing heat out of the target as it does so. This deals 1d6 points of cold damage.

In the second round, the now-solidified goo undergoes a second, more violent chemical reaction, glowing brightly before expending its stolen heat energy in a quick explosion that deals 1d6 fire damage. Dozens of small crystalline shards are scattered throughout the area, harmlessly evaporating within a few rounds.


This alchemical wonder was brewed by Mirrianna Edasseril, using a recipe partially devised by the mad alchemist Phos. As the ingredients are very rare and the brewing process can take months, Mirrianna is generally only able to produce two of these per year.

Freezing Fire

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