Edasseril's Trust

A Gift for Only the Most Trusted Allies

weapon (melee)

Edasseril’s Trust is a +1 mithril rapier that confers unique abilities on trusted allies of the family, even if (especially if) they were once considered enemies.


This mithril rapier is exquisitely designed and possesses elegant balance. Though it seems to be a minor magic item, it has far greater power when put in the hands of a person meeting certain conditions. This blade was designed for a person called Falcon who was once a hated enemy of the Edasseril family and was believed by some to have chosen a path of redemption. When this blade is given to a person who once was or still is considered an enemy by a willing member of the family it confers a range of powers upon the wielder.

In game terms, any Edasseril who willingly gives a token confers their family empathy bonus (not power) to the wielder. For example, Navarre has given his token so the wielder receives a +1 bonus to Armor Class when he has the weapon. In addition, the wielder can feel the emotions of those who have given a token, although they cannot feel his.

Six of the Nine children of Caladlon initially chose to give their token to the weapons current owner: Navarre, Drakoth, Elensar, Palanon, Amaras, and Lor’Athorn. Shortly thereafter, Slythas agreed as well, leaving Mirrianna and Vanya as the only siblings who did not provide a token.

Edasseril's Trust

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