Edasseril’s Hope

A Blade, A Badge of Office, A Family's Hope

weapon (melee)

Hope is a +4 Defending Elven Curved Blade that cannot be sundered or tarnished as long as it is wielded by an elf loyal to the nation of Kyonin. Once per day, the blade’s owner may hold it aloft as a standard action and give a brief, inspiring speech. Allies within 60 feet that can hear the speech gain the effect of a greater heroism spell for ten minutes.


Edasseril’s Hope was designed and crafted by Navarre Edasseril, with assistance from former queen Telandia. The blade was forged from a single piece of mithril, making it deceptively light; the metal was folded hundreds of times, making the blade incredibly durable. It is said that Telandia Edasseril weaved a spell into the weapon which ensures only the rightful ruler of Kyonin may wield it; though as of yet, it is unknown what would happen if anyone else tried. There is an inscription along the blade that reads, “You have been chosen. Rule well.” Since its creation the sword has become a part of the monarch of Kyonin’s regalia.

Edasseril’s Hope

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