Earth Fruit Launcher

A kind of arm cannon useful for launching unconventional projectiles.


The Earth Fruit Launcher has the following stats.

Name Cost D (S) D (M) Crit Range Weight Type
Earth Fruit Launcher 10 gp 1d6* 1d8* 20 (x3) 80ft* 8 lbs B*


  • Damage is subdual.
  • Range may vary depending on the projectile and its aerodynamics. Range and damage given is for earth fruit.
  • Damage is Bludgeoning, but varies with projectile.

Lor’Athorn has been investigating the use of a barrel based projectile launcher since his success with black powder weapons. However, he has had a strong desire to use them for reasons other than their destructive capability. As such, he has been working on a type of barrel based projectile launcher that is able to fire projectiles that are not necessarily meant to injure.

His first success is in the earth fruit launcher. A large tube was crafted to prevent damage to the operator and the projectile, while utilizing the explosive power of black powder to achieve impressive distances. So far, the the best projectile has been earth fruit, as it is an ideal weight size and shape. However, Lor’Athorn has hopes that he can someday modify such a weapon to launch alchemical agents, such as his recently invented anti-fungal gas, or thunderstones.

As of yet, it is not suited for firing most alchemical reagents, though Lor’Athorn hopes to someday create a potion launcher.

Earth Fruit Launcher

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