Demon Binders


This powerful item allows the user to potentially bind a demon or evil outsider, and once bound, command the demon to serve them for a short time. It is said that the binders were made by a powerful holy man and servant of good but a few have disagreed with this, as the act of enslaving any creature, even one so foul as a demon, is undoubtedly an evil act. The item is most effective in the hands of a cleric or other divine spellcaster, although anyone can attempt to use it.

The binders actually consist of two items, a pair of bracelets bedecked with jewels and carved with mystic symbols. The bracelets will automatically resize to fit any creature that attempts to put them on, and once the ritual is complete, will hang comfortably on the wrist (or other appendage) without falling off.

Ritual of Binding
To bind a demon, the user must be wearing the master bracelet, and must convince, coerce, or otherwise get a demon to put the other bracelet on. Demons summoned with a spell are useless for this purpose, even if they are bound to the item they still vanish back to their home plane when the spell’s effect ends, leaving the item behind.

When the demon puts on the bracelet, it must make an immediate Will saving throw. The DC is (14+user’s Cha modifier + divine spellcaster level – the creature’s HD.) If the demon succeeds on the save, it can immediately remove the bracelet, and will likely become hostile towards the user of the master bracelet.

If it fails the save, the demon is bound to the bracelet and the bracelet’s owner. The demon’s essence is instantly pulled into the master bracelet, leaving only a weak and feeble physical “shell” behind. The demon’s shell is one size category smaller than the demon’s true form, and is the equivalent of a figment, being unable to affect the real world in any useful way (it cannot be dispelled or disbelieved like a figment can). It no longer has any spell resistance, nor does it have any supernatural, extraordinary or spell-like abilities. It automatically fails any rolls the owner of the master bracelet wants it to fail. The shell can roam any distance it wants from the master, but as a standard action the master can call the demon’s shell to him as long as they are both on the same plane. The demon appears in any free space adjacent to the master that he wills. As a free action, the master can cause a powerful shock of magic energy to course through the demon’s shell, causing tremendous pain for one round but no other lasting effect.

The demon is bound to the master as long as the master is wearing the master bracelet. Should the bracelet ever come off, the demon gets an immediate Will save at the same DC as above (which may have changed, depending on when the original save was done.) If it fails the save, it can try again once each round until it succeeds or the bracelet is put back on by the master. If the demon makes the save, it can immediately remove the it’s bracelet as mentioned above, and all of the power bound within the master bracelet immediately returns to what is probably now a very angry demon. The demon is unable to remove either it’s own bracelet or it’s master’s by any means. While the bound demon may be unable to affect the real world in any way, it can still be a useful source of information, or a major obnoxious pain in the neck, depending on it’s mood and temperament.

Ritual of Unbinding
Once per day as a full round action, the master can temporarily return the demon’s essence to it’s shell, granting it full access to all it’s normal powers. This effect works like a summon monster spell, making the demon completely subservient to the master for the duration. Like a summon monster spell, the demon cannot use any summoning abilities of it’s own. The effect lasts for 5 + Cha modifier rounds, after which the demon’s essence is drawn back into the master bracelet, and it becomes a figment again. When losing or regaining it’s essence, it remains in the spot it was in, it cannot be placed as a summoned monster can.


Demon Binders

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