Concussive Shot

Ammunition meant to shove target

weapon (ranged)

A concussive shot is a heavy but slim metal casing that houses ashaped charge. Though not meant for lethal purposes, a concussive shot is meant to deliver a powerfull and focused kinetic blast to both subdue foes and push them back. This shot is heavy, and requires a special weapon to deliver the charge. So far, the Earth Fruit Launcher is one such weapon.

A concussive shot can be delivered either by throwing (with a 10 ft range, at a -4 penalty on the attakc roll), or by a specially made weapon that can launch the projectile. The projectile can either be shot at an unoccupied 5 ft square, or a target medium sized or larger. Treat it as a splash weapon; attacks are made as ranged touch attack rolls, and misses roll 1d8 to determine the square in which they land. Attacks made against a small sized target miss automatically, but the square occupied by a smaller than medium creature may be targeted as normal.

This concussive blast has a blast radius of 5 ft. Anyone caught in the blast suffers from two effects. First, it deals 1d8 subdual damage on a direct hit, or 1d6 subdual damage to any creature caught in the blast radius.

Second, the attack roll acts as a Combat Maneuver Check to attempt to bull rush anyone in the blast area. A target that is hit directly and is affected by the Bull Rush will move in the opposite direction from which the projectile struck. All others affected in such a way move away from the blast square.

The effective Combat Maneuver check against those not hit directly is at a -4 penalty.

Craft Alchemy/Gunsmithing: DC 30
Cost: 25 gold a shot, 250 gold for a dozen
Weight: 6 lbs per shot


Concussive Shot

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