Clotting Stone

Protect Your Blood


Another of Phos’s alchemical creations, this is a small stone about the size of a pea with a deep red hue. It tastes like cinnamon with a touch of pepper.

This small stone is used to stop the blood flow of a person who is dying. Phos, always thinking of ways to make things better (or odder, as some people see it) was concerned with the young children and their recent fascination in adventuring. In an attempt at making things easier for them he came up with this little stone. When taken it will increase the clotting factor of blood for the next few hours, stopping most bleeding (effectively heals 1 point of damage stopping a bleed effect or keeping an unconscious person alive). There is a slight chance that prolonged use of this product will cause the body to stop producing the platelets, meaning that bleed effects are more potent when you do not use the clotting stone (all bleed damage done to you is increased by one).


Clotting Stone

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