Circlet of Expanded Arcana

Broadening a Spellcaster's Horizons


These simple yet elegant circlets are designed to be lightweight and non-obtrusive. After the wearer has carefully meditated for a full eight hours, the circlet grants him the effect of the Expanded Arcana feat. More advanced versions of the circlet give their wearer the effect of having the feats multiple times. (A circlet of expanded arcana II grants the wearer the effect of having Expanded Arcana twice; etc. up to a maximum of a circlet of expanded arcana V)

Aura moderate universal; CL 9th
Slot head; Price 15,000 gp (I) 30,000 gp (II), 45,000 gp (III), 60,000 gp (IV), 75,000 gp (V); Weight .5 lbs.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, mnemonic enhancer


Circlet of Expanded Arcana

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