Cincture of Evergreen Protection

Rare Artifact of Protection


These black-green belts were crafted from the skin of an especially dangerous Half-Fiend Hydra, rumored to be a child of Treerazer, that had taken up residence in the Swamp of Groshnalfel, in the area of the River Kingdoms now known as Mivon. There are a number of small pouches and pockets as well as a quiver and scabbard attached to each belt, also made from the same dark leather.

There are only three such belts in existence. Each one was given to a great hero who had defended Kyonin at great personal danger and sacrifice. The three known wearers of these belts have been Var the Golden, Amrune Laraiel (whose belt was stored securely away in Valethi’s library until her recent return), and Rillana Edasseril (her belt has been assumed lost, as she was slain and devoured while wearing it).

The belt’s extraordinary powers are impressive, and could not be possible without the unique material they were made from. It functions as a Belt of Physical Perfection +6, and grants the wielder regeneration 5 at all times (fire and acid overcome), and provides protection from cold 10.


Cincture of Evergreen Protection

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