Calistrian Thorn Shield


This Darkwood bracelet is about three inches in diameter. It is expertly crafted with to match the vines of a rose bush, twisting and overlapping each vine in succession. Small crystals are carved to look like rosebuds on the vine, as well as thorns carved into the wood. Once activated the vines grow at an alarming rate, twisting and wrapping around the wearers forearm and hand, providing the stability of a normal shield, while additional vines wrap out and form a three feet diameter circle that is vaguely shield shaped, weaving themselves together to form a solid wall. The small crystals at this point bloom and the carved thorns are all on the external edge of the shield. Deactivating the shield causes the vines to retract back to the normal bracelet shape.

+2 Glammered Darkwood Shield


These items are of particular use to the Calistrian Prostitutes as it allows them to move around with protection that is both discrete and fashionable. A combination of druidic and transmogrifying magic has been used to create these items. While the majority of these items have been kept in the hands of the calistrian church, there are a few that have been sold or stolen by other races. It is due to these losses that Vanya has come across one of the shields, as it was a prize in a gambling tournament in Riddleport. The previous owner having lost the shield due to bad bets.

Calistrian Thorn Shield

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