Calistrian Makeup Kit

Helpful Disguise Tool


This 60 pound box contains a variety of oils, paints, wigs, chemicals, and herbs that have been found to be useful in both the role of courtesan and actor. In addition to the makeup there is also a book detailing the various physical features that each race possesses so the actor may develop the most accurate representation of the race they are attempting to mimic. Most individuals add additional notes in the book, describing local or racial mannerisms which will be useful to emulate during their role.

This makeup kit gives a +4 circumstance bonus to disguise and profession(acting) roles. A number of the chemicals and herbs in the case have been provided to help elicit certain physiological responses within the body, to better blend in with other races. Powders are used to bring out or change completely the color of the eyes and skin. Water soluble oils are drunk to elicit a physiological response in the pupil, effectively removing the low light racial ability for 12 hours, but also creating a very human like appearance to the eyes.


Calistrian Makeup Kit

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