Brightglade's Brush and Mirror


A matching brush and mirror created by Navarre Edasseril. This set was carved from dark marble; it smooth to the touch and possesses a certain shine. The mirror is fashioned to look like a panther’s claw gripping the looking-glass. The brush is fashioned to look like a stalking panther with its tail extended and the teeth of the comb extending from the tail.

During the period in which Brightglade possessed the mirror, it became imbued with a measure of her beauty and grace. Those who spend fifteen minutes in the morning using the comb and mirror to prepare their hair gain a +2 enhancement bonus to their Charisma score until the following sunrise.


Legend says that this item was offered as a gift to the Nymph Brightglade who accepted the gift and in turn gave its creator a token of her favor and offered to be his muse. It is said every item Navarre Edasseril creates bears some attempt to recreate her image, whether it be a wisp of hair retreating behind a tree or a hand beckoning from the leaves.

Brightglade's Brush and Mirror

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