Briar Staff

weapon (melee)

Unlike other staffs, a briar staff can regain spent charges. This requires burying the staff 1 foot deep within a forest at least 1 square mile in size. For every 7 days it remains buried and undisturbed, the staff regains 1 charge. The briar staff allows the use of the following spells:

Entangle (1 charge)
Spike growth (1 charge)
Wall of thorns (3 charges)

Strong transmutation; CL 12th; Craft Staff, entangle, spike growth, wall of thorns; Price 139,500 gp; Weight 4 lb


Druids working to rid their home of savage humanoid invaders created the first briar staffs. These staffs have seen extensive use against orc raiding parties and as a result have drawn the vengeful attention of at least one orc deity. Anyone wielding a briar staff should expect trouble from orcs in his future. A briar staff is created from a single gnarled oak bough. The staff bears a cluster of twisted twigs at its top, which bud to life whenever its wielder uses one of its powers.

This item first appeared in Dragon Magazine #326.

Briar Staff

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