Bracers of the Ant

The Power to Haul Incredible Weight


Made from the Chitin of giant ants these bracers are usually red or black in color, and often engraved with the images of thousands of small ants moving some large object. The Bracers of the Ant provide the wielder with a constant Ant Haul- effect. This triples the carrying capacity of the wielder, which is of great benefit to Halflings. Most, if not all, prosperous Halfling villages have at least one pair of these bracers which is the communal property of the farming collective. Use of these bracers is usually reserved for clearing fields and moving large obstructions out of fields, allowing others to continue on with their daily tasks without interruption. Recently the human and dwarfish militaries have taken an interest in these bracers for extensive field use when not supported by mule trains.


Bracers of the Ant

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