Book Collection

Birthday gift


A collection of books from the various races surrounding Kyonin was the gift that Caladlon felt was best suited for the interests of his eldest son, Elensar. None of the books collected have been written by elves or translated from the original languages into Elfish, this is to ensure that none of the elfish predispositions toward the younger races influences Elensar’s reactions to the writings provided. There are approximately 50 texts within the collection, ranging from the histories of the human and dwarf kingdoms, to mythical stories and adventurer journals.

Two notable texts within the collection are Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Universe but Were Afraid to Ask and the Journal of Guldartak.


Knowing that all of the texts in the library at Valethi are of elfish make, Caladlon felt the best furtherance of his eldest son’s education would be to have him read of the progress that the other races have made in the absence of the elves from Kyonin. By purchasing the texts from the respective races he would be sure that none of the elfish prejudice would be present in the writings. Since Elensar has such a broad mind that is keenly aware that the elves can no long be apart from the rest of the world, Caladlon felt it best if he was the one best suited for this gift. Several of the texts he has procured for this collection are the recrations of journals from groups that entered into the forest and stole away with valuable relics that the elves did not take with them when they left this land during their exodus to Sovyrian. Caladlon’s hope is that his children will reclaim these treasures for they may hold value beyond the historical significance to the elfish people.

Book Collection

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