Bonded Collars

To Align and Protect


This matched set of leather and mithril collars are designed to be worn by a druid and his animal companion. The druid may cast shield other 3/day on his animal companion as a standard action (CL 5). At the time of casting, the druid may decided whether he or his companion is the subject of the spell (which is to say, the druid may determine who is shielding whom).

The collars represent a promise between a druid and his companion; a promise to protect one another. Should either the companion or the druid die while using the collars’ ability, both immediately lose all of their power, becoming mundane and nonmagical.


These collars belonged to Vailes, passed on to her friend Faunra shortly before her disappearance. Although the fine craftsman ship appears to be Elvish, the collars are in fact fey in origin.

Bonded Collars

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