Bestial Weapon Alteration

A weaponized limb extention meant to protect animal companions.

weapon (melee)

Aura strong universal; CL 9th
Slot Special (see text); Price 5,000 gp; Weight 5-10 lbs

Lor’Athorn Edasseril, ever concerned with the welfare of others, used his experience as a wolf to devise various items that can allow animals to attack dangerous enemies. A series of weaponized item mounts include wing blades for birds, and tail extensions for cats. Though strange looking, they are so far effective.

This magic weapon comes in many variations that allow for a creature to make an attack that does not endanger their own health, effectively shielding them from harmful substances. While this does bar the use of some abilities, such as Magic Fang, the harness allows for the use of enchantment, both for defense and offense.

Use of this item counts as a trick, though may otherwise be employed by intelligent animals, or intelligent creatures taking the form of an animal. Devices such as blades, spikes, and hooks are attached to an armored plate that keeps the animal safe, but do not allow the use of natural attacks, or feats associated with those attacks (such as Improved Natural Attack). The item does an amount of damage equal to a bite attack for that creature’s size category (1d6 for medium, 1d8 for large, etc).

The weapon mount also benefits from enchantment, and can be given defensive enchantments as per Bracers of Armor, or offensive weapon enchantments. The item’s enchantments may not total more than a +10 equivalent in both offensive and defensive enchantments combined.
The item is otherwise counted as two separate items that have a bonus cap of + 5 for offensive enchantments, and + 5 for defensive enchantments respectively. As such, offensive enchantments do not adversely affect the cost of defensive enchantments. The harness may not enjoy the benefit of any enchantment that requires the item to be thrown, loosed, or otherwise detached from the animal or weapon mount.

Note: This item’s cost is not counted for purposes of further enchantment.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Telekinesis, creator must be 9th level; Cost 2,500 gp


Bestial Weapon Alteration

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