Bard's Joy

Modifications for improving a bardic instrument

musical instrument

Aura: Moderate Illusion; CL 10th
Slot: -; Price 15,000 gp; Weight Varies (instrument + 1 lb. for crystal)

Bard’s Joy is a wondrous magical item, making use of specially enchanted sonorous crystals
set into an instrument. Rather than amplifying the sound, Bard’s joy creates a more resonant
and melodious sound.

When used for a bardic performance, the instrument grants a number of bonuses. First, any
performance that requires a saving throw has its DC increased by 1. Second, the number of
rounds he can use his bardic performance per day is increased by 2. Finally, any competence
bonus the bardic performance imparts is increased by 1. The instrument otherwise acts as a
normal masterwork instrument of its kind, and has no associated penalty from having an inset
sonorous crystal.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Sculpt Sound, Good Hope; Cost 7,500 gp


Bard's Joy

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