Arboreal Armor


Arboreal armor functions as a set of +2 leather armor. Its appearance gives the wearer a +4 bonus on Hide checks made in forested settings. The armor automatically regenerates damage dealt to it at the rate of 1 hit point per hour. The wearer can cast entangle three times per day, and the armor itself casts goodberry every morning at dawn, growing five berries from its own form.

Faint abjuration; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, entangle, goodberry; Price 16,000 gp; Weight 15 lb


Druids created arboreal armor for their ranger allies so they might better defend the wilds against despoilers.
Arboreal armor appears as plates of bark held together by vines and covered with patches of moss. The armor has an earthy smell, and it is favored by elves, who find it especially suited to their naturalistic taste.

This item first appeared in Dragon Magazine #326.

Arboreal Armor

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