Anti-fungal Gas

A gaseous mix that harms fungus, and prevents the release of spores.


Lor’Athorn has been hard at work protecting his siblings, and the primary threat has been from fungal creatures. As such, a large amount of his research centers around his tireless efforts in discovereing how fungus works, and how it can be undone. The first success in his study was in finding a chemical agent that inhibits the spore release of most fungal species. In terms of long term use, it is excellent for inhibiting the growth of fungal agents, keeping plants and people safe. Already, Lor’Athorn is makign breakthrough discoveries on the types of ailments caused solely by fungus.

In a more short term use, the anti-fungal agent is useful in combating creatures that are composed of fungus. The fungal chemical resides in a thin leathery bag that is ruptured when thrown, and releases a cloud that encompasses a 10ft by 10ft area. Any fungal creature caught in or entering this area are coated with powder. Each round of exposure deals 1d4 damage until the creature is entirely coated, and the agent has done its work. Small creatures are coated in one round, medium creatures in two, large creatures in three, and so on for every size category larger than medium. Once a creature is coated, they cease taking damage.

However, the secondary effect of the powder is perhaps its most effective. Any fungal creautre that is partially coated cannot release spores of any kind until the powder is removed. To remove the powder, a fungal creature or its ally must use a number of standard actions to do so, spending time equal to their exposure to the agent, to a maximum as dictated by their size category.

For instance, a large fungal creature exposed for two rounds would require two rounds to remove the powder. A large fungal creature exposed for four rounds will have reached maximum exposure, and need only three rounds to remove the powder. The use of water does reduces the time needed to remove the powder by one round.

It should be noted that, when removed, the fungal creature is succeptible to further damage and exposure.

The cloud created by the powder cannot be used in rain, and is of course affected by wind as with most gaseous substance.

DC to create- 28
Cost- 25 gold per gas bag.


Anti-fungal Gas

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