Alchemist's Glass


An alchemist’s glass is a beaker usually constructed of green or blue glass with several small spouts near the bottom. Arcane writing frequently covers the sides of the glass and sometimes includes the command words required to use the glass to its full potential.

Whenever the glass is filled with fluids, powders, or leaves, it mixes them together evenly. This occurs even if the materials in question normally don’t mix, such as oil and water (although in this case the fluids separate normally as soon as they leave the glass). Infusions and teas can be made in a single round if placed within the glass.

Additionally, each alchemist’s glass has two command words associated with it. The first command word causes the glass to break down any liquid or potion it contains into its component parts. This effect immediately destroys a potion but also reveals what ingredients were used in the potion’s creation. This command also removes the salt from seawater, separates poisons from any liquids they’re mixed with, and is sometimes used to check the purity of fresh water.

The second command word causes separated materials to pour from the bottom of the glass, each from a different spout. This can be helpful when identifying unusual ingredients or when trying to purify a potable liquid. If there are more components than spouts, as many components as possible drain out. When the second command word is spoken again, another round of components pours from the spouts. The second command word can be used repeatedly until all of the components have been separated.

Faint divination; CL 3rd; Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, detect poison, purify food and drink; Price 1,800 gp; Weight 2 lb.

This item first appeared in Dragon Magazine #289.


Alchemist's Glass

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