Alchemist's Devil Fire

Stronger Alchemist's Fire, made from exotic components.

weapon (ranged)

This ammunition is made solely for use in a potion launcher, or as an anti-seige weapon dropped either from a castle parapet, or a flying defender at great height.

The chemical mix uses a fiendish component to catalyze the combustion further, causing an intense heat and fire within a small area. Treat an attack aimed at a space as a fireball cast by a 3rd level spell caster. The reflex save is a DC 15, and the area of effect is instead a 10 ft square. If a ranged touch attack is made, there is no save allowed, and the target received the entirety of damage. However, a targeted attack will only affect the primary target, with no chance for splash damage.

DC to create: 35
Cost in Gold: 125 gp


Lor’Athorn, who is given to gathering samples of every creature he meets, is often trying to find new ways to use what would otherwise be ruined materials. Taking cues from his brother Amaras, he wishes to see as little waste as possible, and struggles to discover efficiency and utility in the strangest places.

Spurred by discovery of the horns of a horned demon, Lor’Athorn’s latest invention draws on the affinity for fire inherent in most fiendish tainted beasts he meets. Furthermore, the fact that these beasts do not fade as demons do make them a prime target for the harvesting of parts that might otherwise be unavailable.

Lor’Athorn’s hope is that some greater component may yet yield a more powerful potion, or better yet, a more efficient yield in the creation of a Necklace of Fireballs.

Alchemist's Devil Fire

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