Telandia Edasseril

Queen of Kyonin


Something about this slender elf woman’s steely gaze and regal bearing makes her seem more like a portrait somehow brought to life than a person. The tracery of thin talon scars across her left cheek actually manages to accentuate rather than diminish her presence, giving her remote and austere beauty a needed splash of imperfection. Wearing snow-white robes and a floral crown that appears fashioned from sprouting vines and crystal, she conducts herself with a stately and vaguely predatory grace that commands respect from all those around her.


Though technically possessing sovereign power over the elven people, Queen Edasseril rules with a gentle touch. She willingly (though not always eagerly) sacrifices her own desires and resources to the protection of Kyonin and its citizens, but her only true happiness is her brief moments with her hawk familiar Nyranin. She currently seeks a suitable husband but is cautious not to get entangled in the typical political maelstrom that this can create.

Although Telandia is somewhat progressive at heart, she is careful to appear politically neutral to avoid conflict with the predominately traditionalist nobility.

Telandia Edasseril

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