Sirelas Hume


Sirelas is a physically fit man standing 6’ 4” tall weighing in at 158 lbs. with long brown hair and a closely cut beard, which is a rarity amongst elves. As he has never seen battle in any conflict he is unaware of the strength he actually possesses.


Sirelas has been a topic of much talk about the court. He is one of the few elves in the kingdom that is capable of growing a beard which some have taken to mean he is of questionable origin. However he is a full blooded elf,- not a half-elf as a number of people in court believe. He has spent the majority of his life living on his father’s estate, a notable mage who has helped develop a number of useful magical effects that protect the kingdom. Sirelas spends the majority of his time writing poetry and songs, attempting to connect with the spirit of great elven artists who have come before. He has, at times, requested his father polymorph him so that he may better understand the behaviors and emotions of those that he writes and sings about. Once he was even transformed into a Satyr to learn to play the pipes as only they can. Recently he has been in a fit of depression as his ability to create masterful works has left him. In an attempt to regain his ‘mojo’ he contacted the Courtesans of Calistria and requested that a woman of amazing beauty and grace be sent to his estate until he has regained his lost abilities. Vanya was the courtesan that was sent and after a month of time in each other’s company Sirelas was able to unveil a number of truly remarkable works of art, from pictures to sculptures, of Vanya in various states of undress, as well as an epic poem that described, in graphic detail, the time they spent together. This event was hailed as a resounding success by all in attendance.

Sirelas Hume

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