Redeemed Foe


Risa is an 8th level Bard with the Sandman alternate class feature. She is just over five feet tall with soft brown skin, bright green eyes, and large, curling horns.


Risa first came to the attention of the Edasseril family when she helped a group of goblins sneak into the Fireani Forest, plotted to attack Greengold with a virulent fungal growth, and lured the children of Caladlon into a cunning trap. She appeared to have some connection to a cult that worships Treerazer and has been known to summon mephits and elementals.

Shortly thereafter it was revealed that Risa was a half-fiend, half-nymph. Her mother was the nymph Brightglade, and her vile father was an unnamed horned demon whom Risa later brutally slew. It was discovered that Risa struggles with the evil side of her heritage, which drives her to dark deeds.

She had been a student in Greengold for a few years, before being expelled by Quillandra. Risa studied many different fields, but appears to have had some degree of talent with both magic and music. From Quillandra she learned the secret of how to re-open closed Elven Gates, as well as how to corrupt said gates to permit the use of different gate keys. After leaving Greengold, Risa lived near the city of Daggermark, well to the northeast of Kyonin, for a few years.

In her volcanic lair north of Daggermark, Risa was leading a group of odd fungal-worshiping cultists. Her connection with the cultists was unclear, but among her personal belongings were found unholy symbols relating to both Treerazer and Cyth-V’sug, the archdevil that exiled Treerazer from the Nine Hells.

Risa was driven away from her lair and seemed to vanish. More than a year later, the children of Caladlon confronted her in the Glade of Songs and witnessed as the evil half of her heritage was cut away from her soul by the mysterious Inevitable of Broken Keys.

Now free to follow her own will, Risa has reunited with her mother. She has mixed feelings toward the children of Caladlon, particularly the wild druid Amaras, who seemingly risked so much in the hope of redeeming her.


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