Brilliant but Naive


Quillandra is a quiet, almost mousy elven woman who is intensely focused on her writing and research. She has muddy-brown unkempt hair, soft features, and a perpetually distracted expression. Like many dedicated researchers, she has little concept of the potentially harmful use her research could be put to. She is generally demure, friendly, and respectful, but she can be somewhat fierce when roused.

Expert 3 / Archivist 2 / Chronicler 2


Quillandra is the great-granddaughter of Hialin, though she has had little connection with him. While her family is very traditional and conservative, Quillandra herself knows next to nothing about elven politics. She is largely uninterested in subjects that do not have relevance to her research.

She is one of Kyonin’s foremost scholars in the fields of Demonology, Cosmology, and Magical Theory. Although her own magical talent is limited to nothing more than a few simple cantrips, Quillandra is capable of devising astonishing magical hypotheses about the most powerful and complex areas of magic.

It was recently announced that a marriage between Quillandra and Caladlon Edasseril has been arranged. Quillandra, for her part, is unconcerned about the marriage but very excited about accessing the library at Valethi.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing