Princess Deva Asana-Edasseril

Half Celestial Divine Sorceress and Princess of Hymbria


Princess Deva is a beauty to behold, and brings joy and peace with her everywhere she goes. Those in her presence find it difficult to hold on to negative emotions or dark thoughts, and her smile can quite literally light up a room. She is always polite, kind and forgiving to others, and can find the best in any situation and the silver lining on every cloud.

Among the people of her native land of Hymbria, her knowledge of defensive and protective magics is unmatched. She seems to wield arcane and divine magic simultaneously with ease, and it is said her touch can bring healing and even remove curses. She is a skilled physician and herbalist, and has all but eliminated disease and suffering in her small homeland, a nearly unheard-of feat in the River Kingdoms. She is a natural-born diplomat, a skilled teacher and scholar with an in-depth knowledge of Elven history and art, and a talented dancer and musician as well.

When Hymbria sought a union with the Elven nation of Kyonin, King Lor’Athorn agreed to an arranged marriage with one of his siblings. Though Lorathorn, Navarre and Amaras each wished to wed the lovely maiden, Lorathorn declared that she should chose her new husband for herself from among his brothers. To their disappointment and his great surprise, Deva chose to marry Palanon.

Since marrying the prince in a huge, lavish ceremony that firmly cemented the relationship between the two elven nations, it seems Palanon has become more clear-headed and focused in meetings of the Circle of Nine. Deva herself has devoted her efforts to relieving the suffering of the people of Kyonin and bringing peace and healing to her new subjects as she did her old, and has worked closely with Palanon and the Circle of Nine to promote the teaching of healing and constructive magics within the colleges he and Queen Telandia have been working to build. Telandia in particular greatly approves of the young lady, as does Caladlon and Borogrim. Valstarre finds her perplexing, and generally doesn’t know what to do with himself in her presence. This makes him incredibly uncomfortable, so he tends to avoid her when possible.

Creator notes:
In game terms, Deva has several feats from the D&D Book of Exalted Deeds, including Nimbus of Light, Vow of Nonviolence, Vow of Peace and Vow of Purity. She is a 10th-level Elven Sorcerer with the Celestial bloodline, and the Half-Celestial template.


Princess Deva Asana-Edasseril

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