Caladlon's Diplomatic Advisor, Alchemist and Chef


Phos is an ancient elf, small and wiry with pale white hair and wide, excited eyes. Despite his venerable age, he is filled with energy and enthusiasm, his skeletal hands constantly moving as he anxiously discusses the complications emerging in an ongoing discussion with a human tribe. He has a long and thin but expressive face with wide eyes and overgrown brows. His energetic eccentricity gives Phos a charming air. His exaggerated behavior often brings smiles to the faces of Caladlon’s courtiers.


Phos may seem genial and uncomplicated, but he is in reality the most cunning of Caladlon’s advisers. As the oldest elf in the court, Phos has more than a thousand years of knowledge to draw upon. He has a deep reservoir of knowledge about the history and culture of Kyonin’s neighboring races, including bits of lore that the nations in question have long since forgotten.

He is also a peerless alchemist and devoted chef, though as he has aged his recipes have grown stranger and stranger. He is known for being one of only a handful of elves able to properly brew Newlife Soup, and has prepared meals for Queen Telandia on several occasions.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing