Animal Compaion to Amaras


Nil’sha is a lean well muscled Kyonin Panther, her inky black pelt seems to drink in the light and her yellow eyes hold a intelligence not seen in most of her kind. A wicked set of scars crisscross her belly along with a set that covers her front shoulder…mute reminders of the time spent as a devils play thing. Around her necks resides a simple color of leather and metal engraved with words in elven that read “I share with the bond of nature, I share with the bond of life, I share with the pains of my wounds”


When Nil’sha was but a cub her family was attacked and slaughtered by a devil from the Tanglebriar. The cruel creature tortured each of Nil’sha’s family and was starting upon her when Amaras and his mother saved her. The young druid boy cared for the injured cat and nursed her back to health, having never had experience with the two legs the cat had no fear of them and knew them only as her new family. As the years passed Nil’sha began to age where her family did not a concept she could not understand. However a solution was found and a magical ritual was performed to bond both Amaras and her together on not only a magical level but something even deeper. When it was completed the great cat found that now a part of Amaras soul inhabited her body and hers did the same with him. She shared in his life force so she would live the life span of a elf and she shared his emotions and understood him a empathic level. When their mother vanished both suffered emotionally and retreated to the great forest to live alone for some years. Only recently did the two rejoin elven society though Nil’sha often feels they can do with out it.

Joined on their adventures by Amaras siblings the great cat has become protective of her brother and often does not like the others getting to near her. She tolerates Mirrianna on a some levels and is one of the few to legs she allows to even touch her beyond Amaras. The others she keeps at bay with low growls and the occasional snarl, but in recent times he she has come to respect and like Navarre. The two legs love and often shown protection of Amaras has raised him in her eyes.


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