Great Silver Dragon Guardian of Mountainshadow


Great Wyrm Silver Dragon, Dragon Ascendant 12


Nemamiah is an ancient dragon even by dragon standards, and if legend is to be believed, has actually been alive for more than 10,000 years. As a scholar, Nemamiah has no equal – he has been studying and learning all he can since before the greatest humanoid civilizations were a collection of stick-wielding primitives. At this point in his life, he has long since learned all that could be written or recorded, but he values other knowledge much more highly – experience. To this end, he has set himself to experiencing as much as possible from the world, and from the perspectives of the other beings of the world.

Before the Earthfall, he appointed himself guardian of the collection of villages that came to be known as Mountainshadow. Having foreseen the cataclysm, he informed the elders of those villages that he would use his magic and knowledge to completely protect them from the coming dark times, in exchange for a price to be paid by the villagers – the entire written and oral history of every person in every family in every village, bar none. The villages gratefully agreed, and Nemamiah has sheltered them ever since. Magically protected from the effects of the Earthfall and the predations of the other beings in the area, the villages survived the hundreds of years in complete safety and prosperity, thanks to their powerful benefactor. In the last few decades, the villagers have begun to come out into the world beyond their guardian’s wings, and try to rejoin the other races and cultures of Golarian.

Given his tremendous age, it comes as no surprise to most that Nemamiah has come into conflict with the inscrutable Aboleths. It is suspected that this conflict was what led him to discover their plan to wipe the ancient Azlanti culture from the face of the world, and extend his offer to the people of Mountainshadow. The conflict between the two is older than any culture on Golarian, and no living being could imagine what form the battles between them might take. It is possible that Nemamiah’s protection of Mountainshadow somehow thwarted the Aboleth’s plans, or perhaps will in the future…

Creator’s Note:
Nemamiah is based on the Great Dragon Mountainshadow from Earthdawn, from which the village under his protection took their name.

In Christian mythology, Nemamiah is the archangel of justice, magnanimity, and the protection of those who cannot protect themselves.


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