Nalimar Derae

Drow Anti-Paladin


hate·mon·ger /ˈheɪtˌmʌŋgər/, noun: a person who kindles hatred, enmity, or prejudice in others.

As a paladin is a beacon of goodness and faith, so is the antipaladin a bastion of hate and enmity. Nalimar Derae ebodies these qualities perfectly. She is a driving force in the Drow ambition to crush thier surface cousins, and a leader in thier culture of animosity. She is not respected, but is deeply feared by many of her underlings, and she revels in her ability to drive the wedge of fear and doubt between any who would conspire to remove her from her position. She is a fickle mistress, alternately praising and punishing her servants, so that no one ever knows where they stand with her. It is said that she has trafficked with the demons of the Abyss and draws on some measure of thier power, but none who have spread such stories have ever been seen again.

Nalimar Derae

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