Morien Hyreal


When alive, Morien was a bright-eyed, fair-haired elven man with a warm and friendly appearance that belied his serious nature. He had a love for battle, but a tendency to be somewhat reckless, leading to the loss of his right eye early in his life.


Moriean Hyreal was the older brother of a pair of magical siblings. Both he and his sister Tove fought side by side during several significant battles against Treerazer‘s fiendish forces, all the while furthering the influence of their noble house. During these battles, Moriean became frustrated with his inability to help the noble elves who had fallen in combat. He began to dabble in Necromancy, believing that the undead would be a powerful weapon against Treerazer and also a way to save noble elven lines from obliteration. Tove learned of her brother’s research and confronted him, forbidding him from continuing. The two argued bitterly before Tove finally stormed away, swearing that she would never speak to her brother again.

During this time, House Hyreal and Moriean became very powerful and influential. Whereas Moriean focused on increasing the power of his house and developing his arcane studies, Tove retreated from high society and her brother, spending more time with her close friends Rillana and Caladlon. Sadly, tragedy stuck soon therafter, when both Tove’s father and her friend Rillana fell in battle.

Tove and Caladlon comforted each other in their time of need and were soon married. This did not sit well with Moriean who had become lord of House Hyreal after his father’s death. Moriean hated Caladlon and considered him weak for his progressive views. He focused all his power and resources to defacing Caladlon and usurping his position.

Years later, Tove died giving birth. At her funeral, Moriean cursed Caladlon for his sister’s death claiming that his cursed blood and progeny was the cause of her demise. He declared that Caladlon and his views would only bring ruin to Kyonin and promised Caladlon that not only did he have the power to usurp him, but also to bring his sister back. Caladlon dismissed Moriean’s arguments, having already attempted resurrection magic and discovered Tove’s soul unwilling to return.

Many feared a potential civil war. Caladlon was preparing his forces when one of his advisors, Hialin, approached him with dire news: his spies had learned of Lord Hyreal’s sanctum in the Dwarven mountains and discovered that Lord Hyreal had stolen Tove’s body from her tomb with the intent of performing a powerful Necromantic ritual to raise her from the dead. Caladlon flew into a rage and vowed that his wife’s body would not be desecrated. He took a small band of warriors and assaulted Moriean’s sanctum. After fighting its numerous undead guardians, Caladlon made his way to the center of the sanctum where he found Moriean standing over Tove’s body performing his ritual. Caladlon dove forward and assaulted Moriean disrupting the ceremony. The magic Moriean was gathering backfired and destroyed his body. Caladlon returned Tove’s body to her tomb and order the sanctum sealed. House Hyreal soon fell out of power and the coming civil war ended before it began.

Recently there have been strange happenings occurring near the sealed sanctum. People talk of screaming voices and strange shadows appearing on the mountain side. Many are beginning to fear that Lord Moriean Hyreal may be returning to finish what he started.

Morien Hyreal

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