Markas Milner Half-Elven


Markas inherited the best of both parents, his taller then most humans with a lean but very muscular build. he wears his nut born hair pulled back to show of his elven ears and keeps his neat beard cropped close to his face. His one remaining blue eye is hard as steel the other covered by a ornate patch. His lips are always turned into a cruel sneer and his never seen with out his wicked short sword Mirrors Edge on his hip.

Markas Milner Half-Elven would be a as good a definition for bastard or cruel and evil as one can get in Erages. Markas runs the smuggler gang known as the Chainers and is a person no one wants to run afoul of, for those who do often end up found in the water dead. There is nothing that Markas won’t do to earn a few coins and he will smuggle anything and everything from addictive narcotics to people trying to get into the Tanglebriar. Markas has always been a bitter man and was from the earliest days of his life when his father was forced to live in Erages while his mother lived in the capital of Kyonin in what he called the good life. Markas father was a good man and did not mind and tried to teach his son to live a good life as well. But he failed for Markas always wanted more and he found ways to get it. It started out small, extorting money from younger kids then moving up to robbery and then he fell in with a the Chainers a gang of ruffians who tattooed the images of chains around their arms and wrists. In time Markas took control of the gang and moved them from being petty ruffians and back alley bully boys into being a major smuggling force in the city. His bitterness towards the elves has never faded and likely never will to that end he proudly too the moniker of Half-Elven and does all he can to formant dissent and hate towards them. His largest competitor and thorn in the city is the gnome Darsaadi and her followers.

It was later revealed that Markas had been, at one point, the pirate captain of the Varisian’s Bane. After being held by the lake elves for defying their laws, Markas was executed by Navarre Edasseril.

Markas Milner Half-Elven

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