Magnus Samuelsson, Slayer of Torbjorn


This man stands almost 9 feet tall, weighing in at 350 lbs. He has blue eyes and blond hair, and looks to be about 35 years of age. He is rarely seen without the obsidian greatsword slug across his back, or in his large hands. Magnus claims to be of Giantish heritage, and due to his size and superhuman strength, none have seen fit to question his claim.


Magnus Samuelsson is from the northern reaches of the Lammar kings. He claims to be the slayer of Torgjorn, but that Lammar was killed almost 10,000 years ago. Most people take his boast to be a jest and think he is trying to steal glory from long dead heroes, yet some of the things he knows and places he talks about have not existed since before the Earthfall. Recently he has been attempting to gain support from the local clan, and seeking out a Lammar of untold size and strength, one that would see him crowned a king in his own right. He speaks of reclaiming past glories, expanding to the south, and taking back the lands that once belonged to his people.

Magnus Samuelsson, Slayer of Torbjorn

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