Extraordinary Thief


On occasion, when walking on a moonless night in the forests of Valethi, one might see a shadow flitting through the trees. The corner of the eye catches a rustle in the deep grass, or a keen ear hears a single footstep in an otherwise empty grove. When these strange sensations are followed by a chill that seems to run up the spine, it is said that the person has had a brush with Loh’stidae.

No one knows who Loh’stidae truly is. She was given the nickname, which means Deep Shadow, by those who have spread the stories of her exploits. Some suspect she is fae, given that she usually makes off with items of little intrensic value but great sentimental value to the owner. Others claim she is a ghost, and those few who have caught sight of her confirm that the moonlight seems to pass through her body. For the last three centuries, both rich and poor have been plagued by her visits, losing items of value to them, although not enough to rouse the local constabulry to hunt her down. The items never turn up again, although some have said that they later found themselves better off for having lost them. No lock, trap or guard has ever slowed Loh’stidae or kept her from claiming what she wants. Some claim that those few who have seen her, only saw her because she wanted to be seen. Her methods and motivation remain a mystery.


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