Gentle Elven Hunter, Father, and Husband


Lirimas is plain in appearance, for an elf. One might even call him drab—until he begins to smile. When among friends, Lirimas is warm, friendly, and inviting. He laughs easily, and enjoys telling, and listening to, stories of all types. When on the hunt, Lirimas becomes quiet and focused, usually blending into the forest with his simple brown and green homespun garments.

Lirimas is an 8th level Ranger with the Trapper and Infiltrator archetypes.


Lirimas is a former follower of Erastil who settled down in the Stronghold of the Nine to raise his family. He makes a living hunting and trapping rare beasts for the craftsmen of the stronghold, a job to which he is particularly well-suited.

Lirimas loves his wife, Belrotha, and his son, Koehal, more than life itself. He has developed a unique bond with his best friend, Girath Brokenshield—the two are remarkably close.

Lirimas was recently tricked into slaying his best friend by the dark elf Lord Kestral. Lirimas had been made to believe that Girath had cruelly slain his wife and child. Shortly thereafter, Lirimas was slain by Vanya.


Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing